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Do I have to replace my missing teeth?

Missing one or more teeth can lead to many functional issues that harm overall health and a loss of facial aesthetics. Without teeth, it becomes difficult to chew and eat, affecting nutrition and health. Missing teeth also leads to bone loss, making you appear more aged as the cheeks and lips sink inward.

Why should I choose dental implants?

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that mimics the look, feel, and function of your natural teeth. Implants can restore 99 percent of function, allowing you to eat anything you want while looking completely natural and beautiful.

What is the success rate of implants?

Dental implants placed by our experienced dentists have a 95 percent success rate. With proper care, they can successfully last your lifetime.

How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of dental implants varies from patient to patient. During your consultation, we will take into consideration the number of teeth that need to be replaced, how much bone is available or if we will need to perform a bone graft prior to surgery, any tooth extractions, and if any infection is present

How many teeth can I replace with implants?

Whether you have one missing tooth or an entire arch, we have dental implant solutions to accommodate you. For full-arch tooth loss, we can place as little as two implants that support an entire denture or bridge, giving you a secure fit.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

If you have one, many or a full arch of missing teeth you are likely a candidate for dental implants. You should be in good overall health and be free of any gum disease or infection. We have the knowledge and experience to treat those who do have any underlying conditions.

What if I don’t have enough bone to support implants?

Even if you have been told you don’t have enough bone to support dental implants, you may still be a candidate. Through bone grafting or sinus lift procedures we can rebuild bone in your jaw so you can get any number of implants placed.

Who should place my implants?

A qualified dentist who has received advanced training in implant dentistry can place implants, but it is important to seek care from an experienced team who also use state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Mattern has placed thousands of implants and uses the most advanced dental technology to aid in treatment planning and the surgical process to ensure the long-term success of your implants.

Does implant surgery hurt?

This is a common misconception we often hear. Having dental implants placed is generally not painful and actually feels similar to having a tooth pulled. In fact, many of our patients say they hardly felt anything at all!

What is the process for getting dental implants?

We first provide an exam and take x-rays to check bone levels in your jaw and make sure you are a candidate for implants. Next, we digitally scan both arches so that we can create a surgical guide that will be used during surgery to precisely place the implant(s) in the jaw bone. Our team treats each implant case uniquely, guaranteeing your experience is customized and that you feel comfortable throughout.

What if I experience complications?

In the unlikely event that you experience complications, Dr. Mattern and his team is trained to handle it. We are always available via our 24/7 emergency line.

How long do dental implants last?

When placed by an experienced dentist and cared for properly, dental implants can last your lifetime. The crown or restoration piece may need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear, but the titanium screw should last many years.

How do I care for my dental implants?

Your dental implants can be cleaned like your normal teeth. We recommend brushing twice a day and flossing daily, and maintaining regular cleanings with your general dentist.

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