Bone Loss

The Effects of Jaw Bone Loss

The Importance of
Healthy Bone

The jaw bone provides support for teeth and structure for the face. Much like a muscle, the jaw bone relies on regular“exercise”to remain healthy and strong through the stimulation from tooth roots from activities like chewing and eating. When teeth are lost and not replaced, this has a direct effect on the health of the bone.

Causes of Bone Loss

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth extraction
  • Dentures
  • Dental trauma
  • Tumors or cysts

The Consequences of
Tooth and Bone Loss

The teeth and jaw bone are intertwined in the roles they play in oral function and health. Tooth loss jump starts a ripple effect of problems with remaining teeth, soft tissue, and bone that will continue unless restorative measures are taken to replace teeth or rebuild bone.Teeth are responsible for maintaining the strength and density of the jaw bone and the loss of stimulation causes the bone to resorb and become weak, thin, and brittle.The result of tooth and bone loss leads to a premature aging of the facial features, but the consequences of tooth and bone loss go deeper than the aesthetic. Depending on where tooth loss has occurred, it can lead to TMJ and muscle issues, difficulty chewing and speaking, and is directly related to nutritional issues and poor digestion. Rebuilding the integrity of the jaw bone and replacing missing teeth becomes crucial to maintaining a youthful appearance, proper dental function, and overall health and well being.

A Tooth Replacement Designed
for Long-Term Function

Dental implants, placed and restored at our Phoenix, AZ, office are the only permanent tooth replacement option that restores tooth function and beauty while also effectively haltingbone loss. Dental implants are designed to mimic the structure of natural teeth, including the tooth roots, to restore necessary jaw bone stimulation. Able to replace any number of missing teeth, oftentimes in as little as one day, dental implants are considered the standard of care in tooth replacement and one of the best restorative solutions for tooth and bone loss.


As dentists experienced in modern technologies and procedures, we choose to remain at the forefront of implant dentistry to provide our patients with the highest standard of restorative care.


With expertise in all procedures related to bone loss and dental implants, we offer our patients the convenience and security of comprehensive care completed in our Phoenix, AZ, office. In this way, we are able to provide amazing dental experiences that not only give our patients healthy, functioning smiles, but healthy and active lives as well.

Targeted Treatment to Maintain
Long-Term Oral Health

The more advanced the stage of gum disease, the more aggressive the treatment measures. As the first step toward treating gum disease, non-surgical scaling and root planing “deep cleans” the teeth above and below the gum line to remove plaque and tartar buildup so there is no place for bacteria to thrive and cause infection of the gum tissue.For advanced periodontal disease, surgical intervention may be required to clean bacteria from the deep pockets around the teeth below the gum-line and smooth the damaged bone so the healthy gum tissue can reattach, reducing pocket depth and space for bacteria to colonize. After gum disease treatment, meticulous home care and regular periodontal maintenance appointments are necessary for ensuring gum disease does not return.

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