The Struggles of Eating with Missing or Damaged Teeth

The Struggles of Eating with
Missing or Damaged Teeth

Missing Teeth Affect the
Health of the Mouth and Body

Teeth play a crucial role in the beauty of the mouth, but they also have functional roles that help maintain oral and overall health. Along with allowing us to speak clearly and express emotions, teeth are designed to break down all types of soft, tough, and sticky foods. This thorough chewing aids in proper digestion and nutrition and promotes the healthy production of saliva to wash away foods and bacteria in the mouth.Healthy teeth in proper alignment and occlusion also reduce the risk of problems developing with the jaw joint and muscles and provide a healthy and comfortable environment for biting and chewing. When even a single tooth is lost or extracted and not replaced, it can have a profound effect on the health of your mouth and your body as a whole.

The Effects of Missing Teeth

Missing teeth affect four main areas: the jaw bone, soft tissue, facial aesthetics, and health. When a tooth is lost, the jaw bone begins to atrophy immediately, losing both density and volume. This tooth and bone loss can compromise existing teeth, causing them to shift out of place. As bone is lost, the gum tissue begins to weaken and become thin, increasing the risk for sores and discomfort for denture wearers. Furthermore, the loss of multiple teeth accelerates the aging process of the face, causing the cheeks and lips to sink inward, adding an average of 10 or more years to a person’s facial appearance.Without teeth, proper nutritional intake also decreases as difficulty chewing and difficulty eating increases. Overall, missing teeth and poor oral health can lead to a significant loss in self-confidence and has been linked to dental disease, heart disease and stroke, and other systemic conditions affecting overall health. Therefore, it is critical to replace missing teeth to avoid or correct these debilitating effects and the psychological aspects associated with them.

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