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The exclusive Bio-LIFT combines 100% natural procedures to rapidly stimulate facial rejuvenation and instantly lift your skin.

It combines 3 special therapies:


1 Standard micro needling with PRF


2 PRF injections


3 Natural facial fillers – longer lasting and uses the Patented Bio-Filler Technology to treat facial deficiencies with the Bio-Heat technology

What is the Bio-PRF Lift?

Advanced medical science to maximize and rapidly activate facial rejuvenation.


The Bio-PRF Lift (Bio-Lift for short) was developed after years of research to use 100% natural and chemical-free regenerative methods to rapidly stimulate facial rejuvenation. Bio-Lift maximizes the regenerative potential of facial tissues utilizing advanced medical science by combining three of our most favored patient skin care treatments.

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You may have heard of the vampire facial and PRP.
Our PRF science is the 2nd generation and
maximized version of PRP.



First came traditional PRP: Out with the old

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) was a first generation platelet concentrate that gained popularity because it could concentrate regenerative cells and growth factors with a simple blood draw that dramatically promoted tissue healing. Despite its popularity in facial esthetics, medicine and dentistry, one of the consistently reported drawbacks was the use of anticoagulants (often derived from animal sources). This was proven to limit the natural regenerative process by preventing clotting (or coagulation).

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Bio-Care Facial Image


Then came PRF : the next generation with superior technology

By removing these anticoagulants, changing the technology and spin protocols, and modifying the blood-collection tubes, it has since been possible to further extend the natural growth factor delivery in a 100% natural manner with no chemical additives. PRF has since been defined as a 2nd generation platelet concentrate with data demonstrating up to 3 times more positive effects on cellular bioactivity when compared to traditional PRP. Bio-PRF is an upgraded centrifugation system with protocols that even further improve the regenerative potential of PRF up to 10x.

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CARE Esthetics is the FIRST in the world to introduce Bio-PRF to facial esthetics

What was exclusive to only medicine is now available in Facial Esthetics

Research on PRF has been widespread in medicine, and has recently been introduced to doctors focused in facial esthetics. PRF utilized with microneedling (DermaPen) has resulted in positive outcomes and proven to induce collagen synthesis when implanted within the superficial layers of skin and the dermis. The PRF technology has the special ability to form a stable blood clot, which provides superior volume enhancement when compared to PRP.

Created by leading field experts and doctors

Dr. Richard Miron and Dr. Catherine Davies launched their best-selling textbook specific to PRF in facial esthetics. Their natural solution to rapidly invigorate the body with concentrates growth and stimulating factors found in blood is the leading solution in the field.

Bio-PRF Lift was developed to establish a multi-step approach utilizing various PRF modalities to unleash and maximize the natural potent bioactivity and regenerative capacity of the human body when concentrated precisely using specific protocols.

Bring up the Heat


Heating your blood plasma makes FILLERS last longer by several months

We have a scientifically proven way to extend the life of natural facial fillers by creating an exclusive heating process. Heating of blood plasma extends the working properties of PRF by several months (also called e-PRF). While one of the previous limitations of PRP was its faster resorption rate when compared to PRF, we developed the Bio-Heat system to greatly extend the life of PRF.

BIO-FILLER provides the following services:

  • Medical services in the field of facial esthetics
  • Performing non-invasive cosmetic medical procedures

100% natural & chemical-free

Safe for individuals with allergies and auto-immune diseases.

Certain types of artificial facial fillers may lead to problems for individuals with allergy complications and various forms of autoimmune limitations. Our natural and scientifically precise methods are safe for our friends with health concerns. First time facial esthetic patient? Consider going 100% natural with CARE.

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The use of the Bio-Lift Protocol is now one of our Signature Treatments offered
exclusively at CARE Esthetic Centers around United States.


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