The Tooth Whitening For Life Program at Desert Dentistry

Because it is our goal for our Phoenix dental patients to have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime, Desert Dentistry offers Tooth Whitening for Life to all our patients that complete their necessary Phoenix dental care and keep their recommended preventative care visits current.

woman with white teeth from Phoenix tooth whitening for life smiling

If you sign on to the Tooth Whitening for Life program, Desert Dentistry’s Phoenix cosmetic dentists will provide you one tube of whitening gel packs on your second hygiene visit every year.

Your long-term dental health is as important to us as it is to you. Preventative appointments assist you in maintaining good home care, reducing emergencies and allowing for early diagnosis and treatment of dental issues. We are happy to provide this extra bonus for our patients who are committed to their oral health.

Don’t forget to visit us at least every six months for your cleanings to remain eligible for your yearly free bleach and your tooth whitening for life! Getting a whiter smile has never been any easier!